About us

What is Sand Recruits?

Sand Recruits connects sand volleyball athletes with coaches that are looking for players to join their team. SR is the leading database and social media site for junior beach players and sand coaches. On SR every player’s performance data is one click away for ALL collegiate sand coaches in the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA.

Why players should register with Sand Recruits?

SR is for sand only athletes.

SR database connects members to every college sand program in the country.

SR meets sand coach’s database and media needs to assess, reassess and recruit.

SR is an easy bridge for athletes to share and update information with college coaches.

Simple, inexpensive and direct for families and coaches.

Easy to communicate to and update coaches regularly.

Easy for coaches to receive and review updates.

Easy to customize and update daily – features include: stats, current schedule & results, photo and video highlights.

Getting noticed by a NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA program and landing a sand scholarship can be a difficult task with the traditional method of sending letters, DVD’s, and email after email. SR IS THE SOLUTION.

Why College Coaches Use Sand Recruits?

Coaches can review your profile and updates easily and efficiently.

SR is FREE to all sand coaches.

SR’s national search capabilities specific to sand volleyball regularly adapt as the sport grows and evolves.

Coaches can easily evaluate, reevaluate and can communicate with you with one click.

What makes SR unique?

During the summer months, sand coaches are up and down the beach searching for potential prospects and the next Misty May. However, a lot of their time is trying to figure out who is playing on the beach because there is nothing identifying the athletes name or club. Problem solved! Every SR member will receive a player’s number that can be easily access by college sand coaches. SR will give every SR member temporary tattoos of the SR logo and players number to be worn at this event. Every coach in the country identifies this logo and number and now will instant access to the profile on a player in the SR database.