Katelyn Barkman

I have played.indoor volleyball for 9 years and began playing beach over a year ago. I am also a nationally ranked swimmer. I have been swimming for 9 years as well. I am in the International Baccalaureate Program which is a rigorous academic program. I have been able to balance 2 competitive sports while maintaining …

Sara Hall

I have played volleyball since 5th grade. Three years ago I committed to beach volleyball and love it. I graduate in 2021 and my goal is to play collegiate beach volleyball and earn a degree. My GPA is a 3.9 and I take AP and honors classes. My field of study will be Sports Therapy.

Tessa Bohn

I've been playing indoor and beach volleyball for 5 years. Beach volleyball is my passion, I've been in the USAV HP program for 4 years. This past month I tried out on Manhattan Beach for the A1 National Team. I was the youngest U19 athlete and I made the A2 National Team.

Zeena Khazendar

I was born in Florida and moved to Jordan at age 4. There I went to an American school, and grew up learning English and Arabic. I was always athletic, switching from gymnastics, to swimming, to basketball, to tennis, to soccer. In fourth grade I moved back to Clearwater, Florida. I began indoor volleyball in …