Charlotte Maguy

Although I spent the last four years playing indoor volleyball, I have been totally won over by the beach game. My indoor libero skills and my ability to quickly solve problems are great assets in my beach play. I love the challenge that each new match presents. Academically, I continue to thrive in all of …

Ava Kirunchyk

My father and I started a charity called Healthy Room Project. For this charity, we identify kids in Watts who are performing well in school and staying out of trouble and we give them a complete room makeover. Most of these kids live in housing projects that are very violent. The new room helps the …

Kyra Pacific

I am almost 15 and entering sophomore year fall '16 at Redondo Union.I like doing well in school, sports and hobbys. I also like spending times with friends. Beach volleyball allows me to be athletic outdoors, strong while being good at it.The best part is playing with a good partner.

Brooke Drahos

My strengths are blocking, setting especially hand setting, passing and the ability to mentally stay strong throughout the whole match. I am very coachable and learn things quickly. I enjoy every moment on the sand learning and strengthening my skills.