Jul 25

Kauai Bikini West Coast Nationals




Pool Play:
All reffing teams are responsible for entering live scores on a cell phone. One person from each reffing will need to have a charged cell phone.
The reffing team is responsible for entering the final score.
Schedule and Playoffs:
Day one:  Pool play matches to 21.  If a third game is needed to 15 no cap win by 2.
Day two:  All teams will play day 2 single elimination FIRST ROUND ONLY match play no cap win by 2.
After the FIRST ROUND of playoffs all games will be one game to 21.
Playoffs will be posted in Volleyball Life after all pools have been finished.
On Day two make sure you report to you’re assigned court, for play or reffing duty, 30 min prior to the start time for warm up. All teams have 10 min after the scheduled start before a forfeit will be issued. This will all run smooth if everyone follows Volleyball Life and reports promptly to the correct courts. If you are waiting for a team you must report it to the front desk so we can start the clock
Depending on the number of teams will have the following breakdowns for playoffs:
If there are 26 teams or less the following will be the break down:
If you are in a 4 team pool you will advance to the following playoff rounds.
1st & 2nd in pool GOLD
3rd & 4th in pool SILVER
If you are in a 5 team pool you will advance to the following playoff rounds.
1st, 2nd & 3rd in pool GOLD
4th & 5th pool SILVER
More than 27 teams in your age division:
If your are in a 4 team pools you will advance to the following playoff rounds:
1st in pool GOLD
2nd in pool SILVER
3rd in pool BRONZE
4th in pool COPPER
If you are in a 5 team pools you will advance to the following playoff rounds:
1st and 2nd in pool GOLD
3rd in pool SILVER
4th in pool BRONZE
5th in pool COPPER
Center court finals with video of all GOLD divisions with medals and a special tropical theme presented by the owner of Kauai Bikini Jay!
*Depending on the total number of teams playoffs may be GOLD and SILVER for smaller divisions or GOLD. Playoffs will be determined by the number of teams per division and set when pools are published.
How to Qualify: 
  • This is a bid only event for girls 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U and 18U
  • Play in one of our BVNE BID Qualifiers.
  • Starting from the SUMMER of 2021 season.
  • All players must have a BVNE membership.
  • This is a BVNE “Play Your Age” Event. An athlete can always move up but never move down in BNVE.

Date and Time

Thursday, July 25, 2024 to Friday, July 26, 2024 8:00 am
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