Jun 01

Texas Beach Volleyball – Overnight Camp

by The University of Texas at Austin Beach Volleyball



Discover the pinnacle of collegiate beach volleyball training with the University of Texas’ overnight Beach Volleyball camp. This immersive program goes beyond a simple introduction, plunging you headfirst into the intense, rewarding world of NCAA Beach Volleyball. Designed for those truly committed to reaching the top of their game, this camp offers you a hands-on experience of our high-performance coaching strategies and innovative training methodologies. This is the very same training environment that will propel countless UT athletes towards national championships and even Olympic gold.

Over the duration of the camp, under the close supervision of our experienced coaching staff, you’ll get to live and breathe beach volleyball, with ample opportunity to refine your skills, develop your tactical game sense, and understand the discipline and commitment required to excel at a top-tier collegiate level. But this overnight camp isn’t just about the physical demands of the sport; it’s also designed to foster a comprehensive understanding of beach volleyball. This includes equipping participants with the tactical acumen, technical finesse, and mental resilience needed to rise through the ranks of NCAA Beach Volleyball, and perhaps even claim their place on an Olympic podium.

Date and Time

Saturday, June 01, 2024 to Sunday, June 02, 2024 4:00 pm 3:00 pm
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