Good vs Bad Recruiting Profiles

Your profile page has one job, and one job only: To get coaches interested in you enough to want you to play beach volleyball at their school. So why are you not doing everything you can to attract the coaches you are looking to attract?

Good SR Profiles: Have a high resolution headshot photo of the athlete.
Bad SR Profiles: Have coaches wondering who this athlete is.

Having a headshot as your profile image is extremely important as you want college beach coaches to be able to recognize you on the beach. While the SR number helps coaches search your profile, your headshot makes sure they put in the correct number and are taking notes on you accurately.

Good SR Profiles: Introduce the athlete in the “About” section of the profile.
Bad SR Profiles: Leave the “About” section blank.

The “About” section gives you the opportunity to Introduce yourself and manage your first impression and tell your beach volleyball story. Think about when you started playing beach volleyball and why you enjoy it. While filling in this section be sure to include any interesting facts or stories that display the kind of person you are and the character you have. It is extremely important that an athlete separates themselves from the crowd. You want to be much more than just a name and a number on a piece of paper to them, tell them why you are different here.

Good SR Profiles: Include action shots and highlight videos in the “Photos and Videos” section of the profile.
Bad SR Profiles: Have zero photos or videos.

You have heard the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” utilize the “photos and videos” section of your SR profile to visually show off your skills and athleticism. Make sure you are front and center of each photo, and that the photos are high enough resolution so they do not appear blurry or pixelated. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many words a video is worth? The highlight video(s) should be no more than 3–5 minutes long—it’s truly a quick snapshot of your skills (serving, serve receive, blocking, defense, etc.) meant to capture a coach’s attention.

Good SR Profiles: Include upcoming showcases/tournaments you are attending and your results.
Bad SR Profiles: Leave coaches wondering if the athlete even plays beach volleyball.

Under the “Athletics” section of the SR profile, you are able to list upcoming events you will be attending as well as your results. Continually update this part of your profile to keep this information fresh and relevant. Win a tournament? Let coaches know! Easily share your profile and let them see your successes! Looking for events to play in? The SandRecruits App can help you with that too! Search for recruiting showcases across the country under the events tab on the app homepage.

SandRecruits is here to help YOU, the athlete, connect with college coaches that are looking for players to join their team. The SandRecruits App puts you on click away from sharing your player data with all the collegiate coaches in the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA so make sure you make that one click count! 

The SandRecruits App is available for download wherever downloads are available. If you are an iPhone users CLICK HERE, Android users CLICK HERE.