How to Talk to College Beach Coaches

Know Your Voice (and What You Want) When Talking to Coaches

YOUR voice is the one that coaches want to hear, YOU are the one they will be coaching for the next 4-5 years, NOT YOUR PARENTS! They want to know what kind of person YOU are, and if YOU are the type of athlete they are looking to add to their program.

In your email, be sure to include the following:

  • An introduction about yourself including your name, where you are currently playing volleyball (might be a good idea to copy your high school or beach club coach) and when you will be graduating.

Ex. Good morning Coach *Insert Coach’s Last Name*,  My name is *First and Last Name*. I currently attend *Name of High School* and play beach volleyball for *Name of Beach Club.* I will be graduating in *Grad Year.*

  • A few sentences that explain WHY you are interested in playing for their program. This is your time to show off what you know about the coach, past accolades, current program, etc and why you believe you would be a great fit.
  •  Ask any questions you may have.

Example questions may include information about the recruiting process and  what they are looking for, academic programs and what would be available to student-athletes, and information about the campus including housing and what a typical day as a student athlete would look like.

  • Highlight video and where they can see you play (if you are attending any clinics or showcases, let them know).

As a SandRecruits athlete, you can easily contact coaches through the SandRecruits App. Keep things personal, and try not to have a copy and paste approach. Make sure the coach’s name is correct and add something that makes them aware you are following their program and have genuine interest. Finally, be sure to have your profile completed with a photo!

Coaches are looking for athletes that want to compete and show a genuine interest in their program. Remember, coaches want to get to know you as both an athlete and a person, empower yourself (and not your parents) to make those connections. 

Finally, cast a large net and make the time to contact as many programs as you can realistically see yourself competing for.  Some programs you may have written off for one reason or another may surprise you!