Jennifer “Jenna” Hill

I love learning, growing and winning! I live by the Golden Rule and keep things positive. I’m coachable and hardworking. I have a heart for the poor and marginalized and feel led to a career in Social Work. When presented with the right fit for all, I’d love to join a sand volleyball family.

Bella Froiland

I am seeded #2 in the AVP East Coast Nationals next week! Wish me luck! I first started beach volleyball at age 12, and my passion for the sport continues to grow. Although I have played indoor since I was 8 and I still play for my high school, I prefer beach. The pace of …

Payton Rolfsen

Hey! My name is Payton Rolfsen and I play beach and indoor volleyball at Empowered Sports Club!

Jelena Girod

I am a 5-6 1/2 2020 recruit from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have been playing beach volleyball for 5 years. I am a DS/Libero for my Elite Club team. I play setter for my high school team. I love beach volleyball and can't wait to find a college to play at.