Danielle Tansey

Hi I’m Danielle Tansey class of 2024. I enjoy math. I want to play Collegiate volleyball in the future YouTube link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXUZ1WyiAtxCm_keaAp97yQ

Cassandra Thayse

I love playing beach volleyball and want to play in college. I travel all over the US looking for competition and training (including Optimum Beach with Pri in Tampa, and Legacy Beach in Toronto) and play indoor sand during the winter in upstate NY. I also play court volleyball, primary position OPP/S. I’ve been on …

Reese Mercado

I was born in Los Angeles, and have been playing indoor club volleyball since I was 8 years old. I started out as a hitter (for 2 years), and the following 6 years, I have been a setter.I was coached for indoor volleyball from ages 8-12 years old in Los Angeles, California. 12 years old-present …

Summer Potvin

I have been playing volleyball with Academy since 2017 and beach volleyball with Suffolk County SWAT for 2 years. On the court and with Academy I play the position of Libero.