5 Tips to Stay Motivated Training from Home

Training at home has become the new normal (for now). Here are some tips to stay motivated and to keep your collegiate beach volleyball dreams on track. 

  • Set up a training calendar with workouts and training goals for each day. 
    • Your routine is everything! Plan your day like you would if you were leaving the house. 
    • Check out free training resources on Instagram/Facebook and follow beach pros. Many are sharing what they are doing to keep in beach shape!
  • Now that you have a training calendar, stick to it! 
    • Once the training calendar is written down, put it somewhere you will see it everyday and check off days you complete. 
    • To take it one step further, track your progress and monitor your fitness gains. Passing against your garage? How many can you get in a row today? How about tomorrow?
  • Create a dedicated space to workout and push yourself. 
    • Set aside an area in your room or somewhere throughout your house where you can relax and focus on your set task at hand. Have everything you need available so there is no temptation to delay! 
  • Quality, not quantity. Focus on how the workout will make you feel after it is done, and exercise in a way you enjoy!
    • Make sure you are doing the correct movements and training at the right intensity to push yourself. 
    • Don’t focus on how hard the workout will be, focus on the why you are doing it and how you will feel once it is done. 
  • Invite your teammates to exercise with you. 
    • Just because we are social distancing, do a virtual workout over Facetime, Skype, Zoom or whatever platform you have available. 
    • Set challenges for one another with timers, keep that competitiveness alive! 

While we are all itching to get back to the beach, we hope that these tips will help you stay on track in the meantime. Have a workout that you love? Tag us on Instagram to show us how you’re staying fit right now!